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Our Values

A company’s values make a strong statement about the nature and quality of its services and products, and ultimately about its success as an organisation. At DCS, our philosophy centres on a consultative approach to engagement with candidates and clients – each are as important as the other. We instil our overarching values into all aspects of our everyday business life and company culture to ensure they’re not just sound bites, but part of an authentic voice within everything we do.


We will always put our clients, candidates and colleagues first to ensure that whatever our recommendation, it's the best solution for all concerned.


Specialist insight into the industries we serve is not easy to come by, but we've sought out and developed a team of people with just that.


We are committed to providing consistently high levels of service, this is a quality we believe in deeply that runs through everything that we do.


We support each other as a community, considering and caring for each other both personally and professionally. We are loyal.


We work together as one team, always! We strive to be the best we can be, both for ourselves and our team mates. Notably, we value diversity

Client Services

Our knowledge and experience ensures our clients have peace of mind when working with DCS Recruitment.

Candidate Services

Our industry-leading clients offer a vast number of opportunities for experienced quality candidates.

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If you would like to speak to us about our recruitment services or would like to find out more about our experience and expertise, get in touch today.