CV Writing

Put simply, your resume needs to be compelling and be able to make an impact! You need to be confident that you sell your skills, experience and anything else that could give you the edge over other applicants.

Employers and recruiters receive hundreds of CVs every day, so make yours clear and concise. Make sure your contact details are current and easy to find, including your name, address, contact numbers, email address and LinkedIn profile. List education and experience in reverse chronological order and try to use bullet points and bold headings

Remember to include memberships of professional bodies, relevant qualifications, courses attended and relevant skills like languages and technical knowledge. Make sure your CV is engaging and flows well. If you choose to include a profile statement, use it to get across your personal and professional strengths, values and key skills. Employers are usually interested in your most recent jobs, so concentrate on your last two or three positions, unless one of your earlier roles is particularly relevant.

Finally, we’d suggest saying ‘references available on request’ rather than listing contact details. If you do choose to name them, ensure that they are capable of adding value to your application and speak with authority on your skills and successes.

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